Air Freight
Multiple Men Delivery
First Mile
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Reverse Logistics
Specialized Equipment
Hazardous Material
Hot Shot/Expedited shipments
Warehousing/Cross Docking
White Glove Service
Time Definite or Date Specific
Technology/Real Time Data

You have to have that Security Threat Assessment (STA) to handle my shipment! No worries there! All Locomote drivers maintain an STA number. We also offer those extra services / accessorial requirements many air freight shipments demand expect.

Dock to dock commercial deliveries are not always the case these days. When they are, we are happy to help. When you need more services, all you need to do is let us know.

With a fast changing market place from e-commerce demands, everyone wants to change or add a department to handle this traffic. At Locomote, these deliveries are our bread and butter and have been since we opened. We offer professional home delivery. Let us know what requirements you need at time of delivery. Two or more men can be made available if needed. Stairclimbing equipment and assembly are available also!

Two man, Three man, or Four man. We will do that.

First impressions are the most important they say. Our friendly uniformed driver will be there with the required equipment needed to get your shipment rolling. Need a blanket to protect it, no problem. Need the shipment palletized and packaged for transport to prevent damage, no problem. Let us know what your first mile needs are, and we will do what it takes to get the job done.

Your shipment can be recovered from Columbus, OH or Pittsburgh, PA for final delivery. Locomote services these airports daily and will be happy to recover your shipment. Shipments also may be dropped to the nearest Locomote terminal. Once we have it, you can bet we will follow your simple instructions completing the delivery while leaving a lasting impression.

eCommerce has really increased demand for reverse logistics. We understand the need and the impact it can have on refunds for individuals. A swap at time of delivery or pickup for these instances is moved within a safe and timely manner.

Our dedicated service provides drivers, vehicles, fleet maintenance, scheduling, management and administrative support to free you from having to invest in and manage your own fleet.

It doesn’t matter how little or how much you need to warehouse. We can offer these services and create solutions for planned or expedited emergency deliveries of your goods. Whether they remain on our dock(s) for an hour or a month, we will provide the services you need.

We already left with it! See you at the delivery site!

These high-profile shipments vary greatly in needs. we are happy to accommodate these services. Whether your shipment calls for a checklist to be utilized, simple instruction, extra men, assembly, specialized equipment, or anything not listed, we are here to serve you proudly.

We do time and date definite shipments daily. We work hard to ensure your shipments arrive on time as specified.

All Locomote drivers and dock workers are trained in hazmat. Hazmat endorsed drivers are available when placarding in required.

Locomote has stair climbers when needed. In the past, we have rented other specialized equipment to make sure deliveries meet requirements. Just ask and we will be happy to review your unusual needs.

Locomote runs on the latest in Real Time Data technology as well as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Worried we don’t have the room?

We are not new to town. We have long standing relationships with top commercial brokers / agents and have pre-arranged short term lease agreements in place should the need for extra space arise. Want us to handle your long-term reoccurring storage needs? Even better!

Available Delivery Services Equipment

Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks

Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks

Vans and pickup are available for those places that arent just accessible by freight trucks. Should the unusual circumstance occur, they are ready to go!

Box Trucks 24' and 26'

Box Trucks 24' and 26'

Our box trucks are all equipped with large 60″ x 80″ platform lift-gates with a minimum 3,000 pound capacity. This helps ensure your shipments and our drivers are safe.



Day cab tractors are a part of the game. We offer single and tandem axle day cabs to pull those heavy loads.

Van Trailers

Van Trailers

45′, 48′ and 53′ van trailers are used as needed. Lift-gate trailer service is available for up to 4,000 pounds per skid

Locomote owns and maintains its equipment with employed and experienced technicians. An in-house preventative maintenance schedule keeps them running top notch. Spare equipment is available for to allow for needed repairs/services or additional needs.

In today’s world, appearance is everything. Our trucks are washed on a two-week cycle. Staying clean helps both of our images respectable.