Wilson Trucking Corporation

“When looking for a true solution for West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky it is obvious the selection is narrow. However, when it comes to real dependability and reliability one name is certainly on the top of the list; Locomote Express.

We have clients with business to their area every day, and in the past has been a real struggle to find a reasonable resolve. Once we were able to work with Locomote, our problems were eliminated. Not only does Locomote serve this difficult area, they do it error-free. Once a shipment is tendered to them, we have no worries and no need for follow up because we know they will deliver.

I only wish there were other carriers that had the same commitment to excellence. We have some carriers that can’t provide reasonable solutions in climates and geography that are kind to the trucking business. Locomote Express provides world class service in areas of West Virginia and Kentucky that often provide the worst possible conditions for carrier operations.

Our desire is that Locomote Express reach out to handle more area, so we could utilize their services in additional territories. As a partner carrier, their superior reputation carries through to our customers daily.”

David B. Collier
Vice President – Sales & Marketing
Wilson Trucking Corporation

Roadrunner Transportation Services

“Our partnership with the owner of Locomote goes many years back and that relationship has always been honest, professional and with commitment to service. Locomote provides truly outstanding service in an area that most transportation companies find it difficult to operate. In addition, the staff at Locomote make it easy to do business and offer top of the line experience. I highly recommend anyone desiring transportation services in West Virginia and Kentucky to seriously consider Locomote as their carrier of choice.”

Chris Hatcher
Vice President – Agent Services
Roadrunner Transportation Services

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